Rina loves and lives belly dance, a traditional Egyptian form of expression proudly celebrated in Arabic cinema and culture. However in Egypt’s conservative society dominated by men, the public loves belly dance as a folk and social dance as well as performance art, while at the same time shaming belly dancers. This leaves women like Rina in a dangerous position, trapped by hypocrisy and stigma and situated on the margins of their own culture and society.

“Because I Am a Belly Dancer” is a short documentary we shot in Alexandria, Egypt, in April 2018. We will showcase it at different international film festivals (if you have any recommendations for where we should send it, please let us know!). We will also release a trailer soon.
However we will not be able to upload the entire film on in the foreseeable future, because many festivals request not to post the film online until they have shown it at their event. We will keep you updated about where it will be screening, so if it is shown anywhere near your home we would very much appreciate you watching what we made of Rina’s story.



Posted by:Kandaka

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