On Wednesdays at 8 PM (UTC +2:00), Assumpta teaches Urban Kiz, a style of Angola’s Kizomba. 

Assumpta is a trained opera singer and dancer who also produces music. She teaches Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian Zouk and Kizomba/Urban Kiz internationally. As a multifaceted artist, she has been expressing herself through various forms of music since the early days of her childhood. She started playing the violin when she was 3 years old and sang as part of choirs and as a soloist. At 6, she began dancing ballet, before taking hip hop classes as a teenager and finally discovering her love for Latin and Afro dance a couple of years ago.

Assumpta’s style of teaching and dancing is influenced by her musical background. She focuses on exploring concepts that find one’s own musicality so that everyone can express their self no matter their level of experience.




On Fridays at 8 PM (UTC +2:00), Valia teaches an improv-based contemporary dance class.

Valia likes to explore the multidisciplinary nature of creativity and creation.  Whether that be merging different disciplines like politics and language with theatre and dance or merging dance, theatre and creative writing with each other. She is a recent graduate from SOAS where she studied BA Arabic and International Relations. She has been dancing since she was 5 in styles ranging from ballet and contemporary to salsa, lindy hop and street. She is a performer and creator.

The class will take you through a light warmup, some technical work, primarily floorwork- based (although the class will be adjusted to the needs of the group and the space they have available). Finally we will explore some improvisation techniques that I have found inspiring in my own practice and see how we can create using this movement vocabulary.




On Mondays at 8 PM (UTC +2:00), Ahmad teaches free form.

hi there 🙂 my name is Ahmad and i’m an astrologer/mover. i started studying astrology at the age of 19. the second i discovered my teacher Debra Silverman (check out her youtube videos, they’re hilarious) i was completely hooked. i felt like astrology found me rather than the other way around. i loved having a tool that gave me and others insight into our inner worlds and gives us permission to be ourselves while at the same time developing an awareness to how we can grow and become more whole. i’m interested in using astrology as a way of becoming more intimate with ourselves and getting clear about our strengths/weakness and how we can work with them and use them to our advantage.

i will also be offering movement/embodiment classes, based on my personal knowledge and experience over the last few years that i’ve gathered from amazing teachers such as Melissa Michaels. i’ll be offering you techniques, practices and methods which enable you to get into your body/self. we will be working with free movement (amongst other things) letting your body move organically however it wishes and using that as a gateway into your direct experience on the physical, emotional and mental levels. this is extremely useful and healing in intense times like these because trauma, fear and all these emotions get trapped in our bodies and therefore learning how to discharge, contain and move through all those things is of paramount importance for our wellbeing. i look forward to connecting with all of you in this journey of supporting one another through these tender and challenging times.


Times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+02:00)

Find the full timetable here.

All sessions will be held on zoom.us which you need to sign up for and download beforehand.

To access the sessions, contact us vis email (kandaka.blog@gmail.com), message us on facebook or instagram (@kandaka.blog) and we will send you the URL for the meeting.

Collage by Yael Wagner

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