On Sundays and Thursdays at 12 PM (UTC +2:00), Amar invites us to share her yoga and workout practice “Take Space”.

When I took space, I didn’t only take it on my mat. I intended to never keep what happens on the dance floor on the dance floor. I had to reconnect with my mould, with my precious physical existence so my voice is louder and my feet are more grounded. We are subject to fragility, to passivity, to live on a constant fight or flight, as women, as men, as human. To take space is to admit my limbs, my core, physical and metaphysical, to presence. To be present; to breathe and control and release and explode and stretch and contract and tense and relax. To carry that energy everywhere I go. My name is Amar. What I do is move and have a voice. My background is dance and yoga and martial arts. My goal is to help create a community which is stronger, more resilient and present to help create a community to help create a community to help create another where we all make a difference.


On Mondays at 12 AM (UTC +2:00), Valia helps us release our emotions through breathing.

Valia likes to explore the multidisciplinary nature of creativity and creation.  Whether that be merging different disciplines like politics and language with theatre and dance or merging dance, theatre and creative writing with each other.  She is a recent graduate from SOAS where she studied BA Arabic and International Relations. She has been dancing since she was 5 in styles ranging from ballet and contemporary to salsa, lindy hop and street. She is a performer and creator.

We learn the basics of the Wim Hoff breathing technique. This technique allows us to relax through emotional release. It follows a repeated pattern that I will guide you through and that you can then take with you to your everyday routine.


On Wednesdays at 12 PM (UTC +2:00), Juan teaches Yoga. 

Juan Sánchez Plaza is a Spanish Yoga Instructor and a professional Contemporary Dancer based in London were he works as freelancer.

He believes that Dance and Yoga hold hands and are intimately well connected. Both practices have different shapes and approaches, but the core of the movement is the same. We all move from our own body and we all have one mind to discover and connect to.

He mixes elements of different branches of Yoga, to offer a full body and mind practice.

You can subscribe and follow his Yoga Channel on youtube, where he is currently sharing his classes online in English and Spanish.


On Fridays at 12 PM (UTC +2:00), Melina teaches a combination on Bikram yoga, Pilates and Ballet.

“A day without dancing is a day wasted” that’s what Mélina would say to you if you didn’t move your body and soul today.

Mélina is passionate about Photography, Cinema, Dance and Music. She started piano at the age of 3 and has a classical background from the conservatory. She started ballet at the same age but had to stop when she was 16 years old because of some knees injuries. She has now recovered from it and is jumping like a gazelle although she has to be careful of her hyperflexibility. According to her, dance is cathartic and one of the most fulfilling forms of art; that’s why she will always drag you out if there is some dancing involved somewhere.

She will be teaching a combination on Bikram yoga, Pilates and Ballet warm up. So be ready to stretch these lovely muscles of yours 🙂

“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.” That’s Pina Bausch who said it.

Fun fact about Mélina: she doesn’t like tomatoes or cauliflower, she is not able to eat and listen to music at the same time and she cannot yawn if someone looks at her.


Times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+02:00)

Find the full timetable here.

All sessions will be held on which you need to sign up for and download beforehand.

To access the sessions, contact us vis email (, message us on facebook or instagram ( and we will send you the URL for the meeting.

Collage by Yael Wagner

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