What makes a feminist in 2020?

We asked feminists all over the world to share their views on what we think are some of the crucial questions that we should be debating right now. The feminist movement is broad, diverse and sometimes divided. Is that a good or a bad thing? Please, share your opinion with us and your fellow feminists. 


Yes, but only in the same way that you can be a Christian and claim that Jesus said all homosexuals will go to Hell. The passion is there and you believe in your plight, but you are literally wrong.

No, firstly because it is just not true, and secondly because it depoliticises climate change and ignores the role played by colonialism and environmental racism. Climate change is a feminist issue because it will most severely impact the most marginalised women of the Global South.

Climate change ultimately would affect everyone in similar ways, but not everyone is able to contribute the same amount of change and that needs to be considered.

You cannot advocate that climate change will affect everyone the same way and make sense, let alone be a feminist. Just read the reports on gender and climate change by various United Nations bodies, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the World Health Organisation, and so on.

This is clearly a lie because obviously it won’t. However, I personally (from probably a very naïve stance) don’t entirely see how this relates to feminism. This may be that I simply need to educate myself on the issue, but I suppose I’d say you can be a feminist and advocate that climate change will affect everyone the same because I don’t understand where they overlap. I’m probably wrong though.  (Tell Vivi Bayliss if I use this).

No – You are knowingly or unknowingly participating in eco-racism – Climate change disproportionately affects people of colour around the world.

No, this will be based on class, wealth and gender. We have already seen the effects of climate change and natural disasters on the most marginalised of society around the world. While it is great to have people like Greta Thunberg and people listening to her en masse, I really don’t think that the majority of people understand what it will be like in the future with climate change, and they don’t understand (and I can’t say I know the full picture either) how certain groups of people will be left (are being left) to fend for themselves as climate change takes a toll on environments, industries, living infrastructures, mass migration, etc.

No. Climate change has unequal repercussions on people based on their class, income and gender. Women are often rendered much more vulnerable as they are more likely to be displaced; women are more likely to experience poverty and so experience more difficulty in recovering from disasters which affect infrastructure jobs and housing; their roles as caregivers often mean that they are additionally responsible for children and relatives. It is important to recognise these vulnerabilities so that so that facilitations can be made.


Illustrations by Hannah Wolny 

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