Kandaka(t): “Strong woman”, title for queens and queen mothers of the ancient African Kingdom of Kush, also called Nubia and Ethopia. They were known as Nubian warrior queens, queen regents and ruling queen mothers, however Sudanese people still refer to strong women as Kandakat today.

We are constantly surrounded by a fog that pollutes and numbs our minds, our hearts and our bodies. This fog is fuelled by a feeling of increasing helplessness in a world in which inequality, violence and insecurity are becoming more apparent day by day. Our blog suggests a way to navigate within this fog by focusing on the topics that are most personal to us and aiming to make a difference where we can. Being two young women, we are passionate about using our talents to create a voice which encourages people to be more mindful of obstacles that women and girls have to face on a daily basis.

Who is a Kandaka?

You are

or if you are a man, you are her son, her father, her brother and her best friend.

Amuna and Hannah are the two Kandakat running this blog.

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