Kandaka(t): “Strong woman”, title for queens and queen mothers of the ancient African Kingdom of Kush, also called Nubia and Ethiopia. In memory of the warriors’, regents’ and ruling queen mothers’ legacy, the Sudanese people still honours strong women as Kandakat today.

In the Sudanese revolution of 2019, women protesters were at the forefront of demanding change and social justice. The term Kandaka was used to celebrate their courage and strength.

This blog imagines alternative approaches to activism, through practicing creative and revolutionary mindfulness. We collect world views & identities to decolonise the notion of what it means to be an activist, to infuse our activism with joy, love and art.

Kandaka is about reclaiming the beauty and power which lie within us all in our daily practice and conversations.

The feminist futures we explore and imagine are decolonial and intersectional.

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Kandaka was founded by Hannah Wolny and Amuna Wagner in 2017.
We respect the fair use laws and either own all rights to the images and texts published or will link the original author/ artists. If you find your work published without Kandaka having the rights for the use please contact us so that we can take care of the issue.
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