“Hadn’t it been for literature, I wouldn’t probably have written this. Right?! It’s so scary how I’m a product of something I produce. I write poetry. Does this mean anything in particular? Probably no. But I write my body, my thoughts, my feelings; and if all of this doesn’t qualify as poetry, I guess I have been studying the wrong field. I got my BA in English Literature; and this could be risky! For you could get intimidated by all the ‘Great Poets’, but after all they were as fucked up as all of us, they only had the guts or ego to believe that they say ‘something’.”

Farah Barakat, an Egyptian born and raised aspiring poetess. Obtained her BA in English Literature and Translation and she shows great interest in Gender and Sexuality studies. Former librarian/translator at Gudran association for arts and development, and currently working as an administrative assistant at Centre Rezodanse Egypte. 

Words by Farah Barakat
Drawing of Farah, photo and edit by Hannah Wolny 

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